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Symantec and Norton Security Software Setup

Norton Internet Security Software developed by Norton Symantec Corporation is a computer application which provides prevention from malware, virus and other adware and removal during a valid subscription period.

Its other features and functionality include the products are personal firewall, email spam filtering, and phishing protection.

Antivirus Security Software is the best computer software security suite offered by Norton. The software can be installed on MS Windows, Mac OS X, iOS platform and Android. The software is available in three different edit Norton Security Premium. All the three edition works on the different quantity of devices like Security Standard protects one device only and Security Deluxe software can work up to five devices.

How to Setup Norton Security?

Before accessing the software, Norton Symantec Setup or seated properly correct instructions and methods otherwise the software won’t be able to perform correctly. Here you can find the methods with step by step instructions to setup Security Software-

Uninstall Other Security Software:

The method is an optional method that is required if you have older security software present in your computer system or device. To uninstall the software, you need to follow the following steps-

  • First, you need to click on “Control Panel”
  • Then installed the directory of the program
  • Once the directory has been installed, then click on antivirus software
  • After this click on “Uninstall or Remove”
  • Then you need to click on “Norton Complete Uninstall” option
  • Once you did with the process you need to click on “Restart Now”

Install Norton Security:

To install security software you need to remove an app by either following methods-

  • Uninstalling it via Launchpad
  • If there’s no delete button then remove the app by using its uninstaller

Install Security Software into Additional Devices:

To install your Security Software onto another device like a computer, mobile etc. follow these simple steps mentioned below-

  • Log into your “Norton Management Console
  • After this, you need to click onto the button, select Install on another device tab, and follow the on-screen instructions

Benefits of Norton Security Software:

This Norton Security software secures your devices like mobile, computers, laptops and other peripherals from online threats that enter your devices in the form of a virus, malware and other adware. The antivirus is built with advanced facilities and functionality. But make sure the software installed and seated properly otherwise it can lead you to the unfortunate situations including numeric error code and technical glitches.

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