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Protecting information-stealing ad library

Protecting stealing information Norton: In google play store 2000 plus apps that contain malicious ad library. This information-stealing ad library cheats users and collects sensitive user information such as Device ID, E-mail ID, SIM card operator, Installed apps and OS version, all without the user’s knowledge. The malicious ad library is a type of worm and trojan horse.

Right now, all the malicious apps have been removed by the Google and it is continuously monitoring all apps.

How to stay protected from data-collecting ad library apps

  • When any apps take your personal information it means that comes under the ad library apps, so you should not give access to such apps.
  • You can manage your apps permission go through mobile setting also.
  • Norton Mobile Security, which protects users from all the possible threat, is an important measure you can take with such software.
  • We have app advisor through Norton Mobile Security which allows us to scan Android containing apps from the “bad apps”. Norton App Advisor is a special feature included with Norton Mobile Security. It alerts you when any such activity takes place.

To download and install Norton setup visit activation website, Login or register as a new user & enter your product key to continue.

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