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Norton Setup

How to install Norton setup with Product Key

Norton Setup – Today almost entire world is connected with the internet. This is really cool to see everyone wants to be connected with each other. However, like the real world, in the virtual world, there are good people and there are bad people. The bad people out there try to steal your personal information and also try to send you malicious programs and virus to your computer through the internet. You want your computer to be safe all the times and keep protected. Connected with the internet we are always exposed to various risks.

Thankfully, we have software like antivirus which is there to protect our devices. If you have a computer or any devices running over the internet, make sure you do have the antivirus programs as well on all those devices. If you want to know about the antivirus, and which one is best. The only name on which you can rely is Norton Antivirus. This program is serving from decades and trusted by so many across the world.

Once you have a product installed you may require help with Norton setup. Here is a guide at the process.

How to Setup Norton Antivirus

Norton setup is very easy. You only need to follow the onscreen instructions after buying the Norton Antivirus Software.

Now a day, everything is available online. So, you need not buy an installation CD for Norton setup. You can do it over the internet. To start with the installation process you need to begin the setup, you will have to visit the web page Here, you need to login by entering the credentials for Norton account. In case you have login details then you need to create the account, you can create it from the page. From the link ‘Create Account’.

After creating the account you need to go back to the home page and then enter the username and the password for sign in. after signing in you can reach to Setup page to proceed further. Click on it and then click on the Download Norton button to start the download. If you are installing the Norton product for the very first time then you will also need to supply the Norton Product key.

Once you entered the product key, now click on the Next button and then agree to the Terms and Conditions to start the download. Wait till the download to finish. Once it has completed, locate the file in you’re my download folder. Double click on the file and then start the installation.