Menu Close, – Norton Utilities provide everything to tackle with the basic issues as well as technical errors, deleting the memory junk files, temporary files to help the device to speed up login time and boosting the efficiency and performance of your computer system. This software from the Norton application helps in maintaining the machine into good health and error-free so that it can perform efficiently.

Norton Utilities while scanning looks for all the duplicate and infected files scattered all inside your computer memory and storage devices, it selects them and removes them to free up disk space to let you store have more space to store other things. Norton Utilities is said to be a complete set of performance tools which not only troubleshoot basic errors of your computer system, but also clean up the unwanted files, and do recover your damaged files as well.

Norton Antivirus has developed Norton Utilities software program for securing our devices from the outside threats and to boost up the speed of our computer system. To get such excellent Norton utilities on your device and boot up the speed of your PC, you need to complete the registration process for the purpose of purchasing this software. Once you purchase it and install it successfully, you can launch its scan facility as per the convenient the task which you have scheduled because the scheduled task is added to Windows Task Scheduler. It consumes very less memory as an application and its executable file is nu.exe and use only 36.84 MB of memory.

The Norton Utilities NU16 setup package installs approx 30 files which take about 80.89 MB (84,814,470 bytes). It Update.exe keeps on checking for the new updates regarding that software and alert you when any new update comes. It is a very handy application for Windows and MAC users and its new Version NU16 provides support in troubleshooting and fixing the most common issues which we face within our computer system. It speeds up multiple processes running on the machine and provides more space by removing the unwanted files and junk files once it finished its cleanup process.

Norton Utilities NU16 application provides tools like Norton speed disk, Application Uninstaller, UnErase, Norton disk doctor, Startup Manager, Service Manager, Registry Restore, Registry Cleaner, Performance Test & Smart Updates, System Optimizer, System Dashboard, Registry Defragmenter, Duplicate File Finder, Disk Defragmenter, Disk Cleaner, and Restore Center. It also has a Process Viewer that includes exciting features like System Dashboard, Windows 8 Compatibility, Application Uninstaller, and Duplicate File Finder.

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