Menu Close – Norton Utilities NU16 – – Norton Utilities provide the tools to troubleshoot the basic errors as well as other issues, it helps in releasing memory by removing the junk files and data to help the device to speed up and boost the computer efficiency and performance. This is the Norton Utility software helps in keeping the devices error-free so that it can perform efficiently. It allows you to delete and remove unwanted and junk data so that it doesn’t consume the computer memory space.

Norton Utilities search out for all of the unwanted files and folders and infected files scattered across your device’s hard drive, then removing them so your disk gets free from the unwanted memory storage so you use it for further work. It is a complete set of tools that not only troubleshoot basic errors and issues but also clean up your computer from the unwanted files.

Symantec has developed Norton utility software which is very, much responsible for the normal functioning of the computer systems and other devices. You can get this Norton utility on your device and boot the PC, you need to complete the purchase by filing up the registration process. Once you install it you can set it scheduler as per your requirement, it is a lightweight application and consumes very less memory of the CPU  which is less than one percent.

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