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Norton Anti-Theft agent how to download and installed on windows

Norton Anti-Theft agent is the best software with its prime features which provide total security protection for the Norton mobile and ensure proper functioning of your Android and iOS devices from hackers. It comes up with a Norton Anti-Theft agent which track all your activities like your device location, taking the photo at a regular interval of time to check which person is trying to access your device without your permission and automatically locks or disabled it to prevent it from unauthorized accesses.

You need to install this software by visiting the official website and by using the same steps as you used to install any other security software. Norton Anti-Theft Agent you should download and install on all the other devices in order to provide protection to all the other devices. Now, enable the Norton Anti-Theft Agent application through which this software start keeping the information which tracks your device location and opts other security measures for your device.

This Blog will provide you with enough details and information on how to download and install the Norton Anti-Theft agent on a Windows device.

  1. Visit the in any web browser on your device
  2. You will see a Norton Anti-Theft page
  3. Hit Sign In Here
  4. Now enter your Norton account details to log in to your account
  5. Choose any of the following:
    1. Go to Setting Up Norton Anti-Theft page and hit Start Download (Valid if you are adding a device for the first time)
    2. Click Add Device, go to Setting up Norton Anti-Theft page, and now click Start Download (Valid if you have already added a device and want to add one more device to the Norton Anti-Theft)
  6. Provide the Product Key by redeeming it from your Norton account that you might have created during the purchase of the Norton products via com/setup
  7. Now, follow the on-screen instructions
  8. Double-click the downloaded Norton setup file and hit Run
  9. Go through the Norton License Agreement and click Close
  10. Hit Agree & Install
  11. Wait until the process finishes!
  12. It’s done!

For further queries or guidance on any other Norton product, visit the contact us section at

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