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How to make a website Shortcut on your Computer Desktop Screen

How to make a Website Shortcut on your Computer Desktop Screen: While working on any website like any social media website, information website or an educational website, if you are not aware of its URL then it consumes time to reach to that website. This process is a bit long and frustrated because first of all, you need to open a browser window, enter the work for which you are searching information and then search for the website, then when you find the original website by that time you have already wasted too much time. So, placing an icon or the shortcut of that website on the computer desktop screen will save your time and also be more convenient.

The other way of doing the same type of work is to add your regularly visits websites or webpage to your Favorites or Bookmarks. But placing the shortcut of any website on the desktop screen will keep on reminding you about any important work on that website. This is also a shorter way of adding the website or rather than in bookmark or favorites. By this way, you can easily open the frequently visited websites by simply double-clicking on the website’s icon and it will directly open the site on the internet browser.

There are varieties of web browsers available in the market and they all have the different method to create a website’s shortcut. Here below mentioned are some steps for creating in some common browsers.

Steps to create a shortcut of a website from Google Chrome

  1. Open ‘Google Chrome’ browser in your PC.
  2. Open the ‘Website’ of which you want to create a shortcut on your desktop.
  3. Click on ‘Menu’ button and on the upper left corner of your browser there are three dots click on it.
  4. Go to ‘More tools.’
  5. Click on ‘Add to desktop’ or ‘Create shortcut.’
  6. Now, a confirming window will appear on your desktop, and here you can give a name to the shortcut. Otherwise, it will save as the site’s title name.
  7. Mark ‘Open as window’ to open the website in a new window, unmark for not.
  8. Click ‘Add’ to create a desktop shortcut of the website.

The shortcut has successfully created on your screen desktop screen for the website. To open the website as saved as shortcut simple ‘Double-click’ on the icon or Right click on the icon then select open.

Steps for creating a shortcut of the website from Firefox, Internet Explorer in Windows and macOS

  1. Open any of your web browsers, (Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer).
  2. Open the website in any browser of which you want to create the desktop shortcut.
  3. Make sure your web browser is not in full screen to create shortcut easily.
  4. Click on the ‘Address bar.’ This will reveal the Website’s entire address as well as the Web site’s icon.
  5. Click and drag the Website’s icon from the address bar.
  6. Release the Websites icon or address on your desktop.

These methods are used to create a shortcut of a website that Website on your screen.

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